Five Reasons Why Companies Should Maintain a Blog

Blogging used to be a way for individuals to share thoughts and ideas with the world. However, the medium has experienced a resurgence over the past few years. Companies and executives are realizing the power of a blog for a number of different reasons. Social media, which blogs are big part of, is a hot commodity on the internet, and businesses that embrace the trend can quickly realize the benefits that are associated with the power of words.

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Sharing Thoughts and Ideas

Companies that use a blog to deliver updates, thoughts, and ideas have the ability to reach a wide audience. Executives that take a few minutes to post relevant about relevant issues can receive instant feedback on topics and interact with an audience. By sharing thoughts and soliciting responses, companies can quickly evaluate those ideas and set best practice polices more efficiently. In short, putting something out there for the world to see usually receives a response. Jason Hanold blogs about trends that need some attention, and the executive gets serious feedback from peers.
In-Depth Exploration
The nature of business communication is to be fast and hard-hitting. However, the impact of a topic upon a business can be substantial. While other forms of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and more, focus on short responses and updates, blogs allow for detailed explanations, clarity, and in-depth expansion on a topic. Basically, blogs allow companies and leaders to offer up the full-blown version of a topic to eliminate confusion on the subject.
One of the most important revenue assisting tasks that a business performs is promotion. A blog gives a company the ability to self-promote. The topic can be proper use of a new product, a post about a special event, or even a weekly company highlights bulleting, but in the end the company is put front and center. By receiving some additional attention, the business becomes a real winner by increasing brand awareness.
Generate New Business
Customers do a serious amount of research on companies before choosing to make a purchase or commit to a contract. A well-written and properly maintained blog has the ability to answer potential questions and get new customers through the door. Since the blog is an extension of the company website, the pages are discoverable via internet search and other social media sites. This exposure allows a company to find business in places where it normally would not work. Market penetration has a way of presenting itself when companies least expect it.
Inform Employees
As a communication tool blogs can be powerful assets. Employees can receive updates on important company matters or even general posts about the direction of the company. In short, blogs can highlight specific areas of concern and address them direction and quickly. Plus, the message is unchanging and consistent, which means that every employee gets the same information.
In the end, blogs allow companies a way to promote services, generate new business, keep employees informed, and share thoughts and ideas. Not only can the webpages serve as valuable metrics to assist in the planning process, but blogs can serve as an inspiration to help everyone in an organization pursue and achieve a certain goal. When the business is communicating within itself, the entire organization wins.

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