Fintechs – the next big thing?

The UK, most notably London has become Europe’s #1 location for successful start-up companies in the field of financial technology or ‘Fintech’ for short, accounting for over 50% of all European investment in that field. The fintech sector in the UK’s capital is actually having more money invested in it than any other place on the planet. I wanted to examine some of these companies which could completely change the way we view and store our money. This article from the Guardian discusses tech start-ups influencing the future of banking.



This firm has gained plaudits for its simplicity. As a free platform it lets the user create, manage and send extremely professional looking invoices within a matter of seconds. The company has only existed for a couple of years, but recently gained 26,000 registered users within 2 months and on was rated the number one app for billing and invoices.


Investment management website Nutmeg was founded by ex-stockbroker Nick Hungerford who became disillusioned with the culture and left to create the UK’s first online discretionary investment management company. They manage stocks and shares ISAs, doing all the hard work for you. Nutmeg is ideal for individuals who want to be active in the stock market but don’t have enough spare time or who doubt their ability to be gamble with stocks and shares successfully. The business is regulated by the FCA and has been endorsed by the UK government!


Booking appointments online isn’t the way most of us would expect to arrange a trip to the dentist. However, Jozef Wallis has succeeded in creating a website called Toothpick which does exactly that. Over 3500 NHS and private dentists can be found on the site, and the process of booking is very simple. All you need to do is search, choose and book.


Company founders Tom Robinson, James Smith and Adam Joyce are at the forefront of the Bitcoin business, a digital currency whose potential is infinite. The company develop secure, encrypted places to store bitcoins, and with a single coin now worth hundreds of pounds it’s very important that they’re kept safe. Their first product was ‘Elliptic vault’, where coins are stored in an encrypted, offline location known as ‘deep cold storage’.


It may not do Osper justice to simply refer to it as a business, as so much of what they’ve done so far has been charity-based. Founder Alick Varma, who previously worked for Spotify and her team aim to inspire young people and to teach them the value of money from a lower age than in previous years. The company have also launched a range of youth initiatives, for example ShellsuitZombie, Capture Collective and Interns Experience.

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