Expert Advice To Ensure Your Event Runs Smoothly

Organising an event can be extremely stressful as there are many factors to consider. Effective planning is the key to ensuring things go well. This article summarises key issues and offers helpful tips for successful event management.

Planning an event is an exciting challenge but one that can also feel a little overwhelming. Whether it is a corporate conference or a large summer party, the principles of organisation are the same. Managing the logistics effectively will make you feel more in control and give your function the very best chance of running smoothly. So how should you proceed?

Expert Advice To Ensure Your Event Runs Smoothly

Logistical Planning

The first things to consider are key issues such as date and location. You may have a specific venue in mind but it is usually best to compare at least three to get an idea of different facilities and potential costs. Organise your budget early on so you know exactly what you can spend on everything from room hire to poster printing services, also factoring in a contingency fund. If your event is a conference or exhibition this may depend on how much revenue you are likely to generate. Be as accurate as possible when estimating attendee numbers so you don’t overstretch yourself. Get your programme drafted and speakers or performers booked. Ensure you comply with all legislations, taking out any necessary insurance and obtaining any required permissions from your local authority. Don’t forget to:

– Arrange any required accommodation

– Organise AV equipment and hire furniture

– Sort out catering

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Promotional Materials

Once the main event details are agreed you can make a start on your promotional and printed materials. These will not only form part of your marketing strategy but will be used at the event itself. A strong logo will make your event more identifiable and will give a unified feel to all your publicity materials. Shop around for companies offering banners, brochures, flyers and poster printing services. If you are organising a conference or exhibition, you might also need catalogues of exhibitor details and printed floor plans. Ensure you proofread all materials thoroughly to avoid expensive misprints and compare costs as they vary widely.

Effective Marketing

There is no point in holding an event if nobody knows about it. Your printed materials are vital here but there are other methods you should also consider. Define your target audience and think about how you can reach them. Compile a database of all those you wish to invite or whom you hope will attend so you have all their contact details to hand. Depending on the time-scale you are working to, you will use different methods at different times in your overall marketing strategy. Possible ideas include:

– Including an advert or flyer inside a relevant niche publication

– Sourcing details of potential attendees from professional associations or other similar events

– Putting up posters or handing out flyers

– Using social media, including setting up a website and event page

– Sending regular email bulletins to interested parties. These will be more frequent as the event draws nearer

With careful planning you can ensure you have covered every aspect of your function, from organising a guest list to planning a programme of events and even arranging poster printing services. Effective logistical management will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible on the day.


Mary is an experienced event planner who has worked on conferences, exhibitions and large-scale social functions. When planning an event she uses online suppliers to provide solutions such as cost-effective poster printing services. In her spare time she used to visit her relatives house.

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