eTargetMedia Reviews – How Email Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

I run a small business down here in Coconut Creek, Florida and it has never made huge amounts of money but it has always ticked over well enough. A couple of years ago however I took quite a hit after a big chain opened up nearby, taking a lot of my customers away. I decided to take action and after reading the eTargetMedia reviews I decided to consult the experts and perhaps start a small digital marketing campaign to get my customers back. After a few meetings we decided on an email marketing campaign and the results have been absolutely brilliant. Not only do I have my customers back, I now have more than I ever did before! I wanted to share with you then just what email marketing can do for your business.


Return on Investment


If you are worried about spending money which you don’t have on this form of marketing then you shouldn’t worry because thanks to the return which you can count on, this should really be seen as an investment as opposed to a cost. On average it is said that every $1 invested into email marketing can return up to $44, now they are not bad odds to be playing with!


Brand Growth


When someone receives an email form you they will be instantly struck with the logo and the name of your company which helps you to create your brand image. even if the email is deleted right away those few seconds of looking at your logo will register with the person and make an impression, exactly what you need when trying to build a brand.


Drive Sales


You will be able to drive sales to your business through targeted marketing which will send your offers and promotions  to the people who are actually interested in businesses such as yours. This means that you will get a much better reaction from your campaign than if you were to just send the emails to random email addresses.


Add Revenue


A great idea which myself and a fellow business owner here in Coconut Creek had was to team up and ad affiliates to our email campaigns, thus bringing  in additional revenue for us both. This worked very well and you can use this to create a new revenue stream for your business.


Keeping Up To Date


Email marketing is not just about using email to sell your products, it is also a wonderful tool for keeping your clients up to date with what is going on with your business. Using this medium you can notify them of any changes that are going to be made, any new improvements in products or services and in keeping them up to date you are retaining your business in their thoughts, vital for repeat custom.


Email marketing really increased sales in my store here in Coconut Creek, Florida, and I’m sure that it can do the same for your small business.

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