Don’t Tempt Fate; Talk to a Locksmith Today!

It happens to all but the most organised (aka anal) of people. You lock yourself out of your house or flat or lose your keys down a drain. Always embarrassing, always frustrating and always solved by the application of a locksmith. Doesn’t it always happen at the worst possible time too? (Actually there is never going to be a good time to be locked out from your personal world).

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The weather is invariably foul. Your dressing gown needs a good wash. There is always a pressing need to regain access – kids are ill, partner’s about to call from Copenhagen (God she’ll never believe this), or some work deadline is looming large (why do we insist on leaving things to the last minute?). We all go through such moments at some time. But if we are smart the first time is the last time or at least the occasion we learn from.

If you are exceptionally smart, you don’t tempt fate, but rather consult with a locksmith NOW and pre-empt having to use him as de facto burglar in the dead of night. Much better than having a professional break in your front door and replace the locks and keys with new, you should take advice on how best to avoid the nightmare scenario or have a plan in place to quickly overcome your embarrassment. Even if it is only your locksmith’s emergency call out number.

Burglary, even into your own home is not a great idea. And locksmithing is not something to be attempted at home either. An urgent breaking and entering job will cost somewhere in the range of £50 to £100 (the postcode lottery applies all over). The installation of just single deadbolts on the front and rear doors will cost the same again. But it is important they are fitted professionally obviously.

Getting you back into your cosy home is just the tip of the locksmith’s service iceberg. When consulting your locksmith about a little pre-emptive burglary consider these other vital services;

  • Do your current locks and security measures meet the demands of your contents insurance policy? Your locksmith can upgrade to the highest standard of lock, BS 3621 and better.
  • How about a lock box for a spare key, fitted discretely to an outside wall and operated by combination keypad?
  • Or what about an alarm? Silent and linked to a neighbourhood watch. Or noisy and bound to bring you home from holiday in Ibiza unless someone else can take responsibility to turn it off.
  • How about a key safe? Where to put it? What to put in it? Your passport, cash and car keys, because even of the burglars do get in they will leave nothing too important or of personal value.
  • Then there is the car. How secure is your garage? Or how to best make your ex front garden, now a parking space, into a spot that only you can drive away from.

There is so much more; don’t tempt fate, but rather consult with a locksmith NOW.

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