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It’s Not All Stuffy Libraries – Quirky Law Classes for Students

Law students heading back to class this week at Chicago's law schools won't be limited to civil procedure. There will be some not so boring course offerings this year. As the number of law students has been shrinking over the last five years, those who are graduation from the University of Chicago Law School have a strong chance for employment directly out of school. It sent the highest percentage of graduates in 2015 to full-time legal jobs than any other law school— with over 90 percent according Read more [...]

Beginners Guide to Investing in Oil

One thing that is very true in life is that money breeds money, this occurs on a small scale and on a larger scale, it is a fact that the more money you have, the more you can make. There are countless ways that you can make money if you have it, high interest savings accounts, high roller gambling, real estate and trading stocks are just some ways that you can go about it. Recently however I have been working with the JBH Consulting Group and investing my cash in oil. Now, before I started, I wasn’t Read more [...]

Reasons Why You Should Be Investing Your Savings

If you have a healthy savings account then it is time that you started thinking about using it to grow your wealth, thousands of people often sit on cash that they aren’t using when they could be putting it to work. I saved all of my life and only ever used the money in emergency situations, then I read about different ways in which I could start making money from the money that I already had and I have never looked back. There are several ways that you can increase your savings and here are a Read more [...]

Why Excellent Bookkeeping is Required for Good Tax Practice

The goal of every business is to make money, it is therefore essential that you and your business have a constant eye on the flow of money going in and out of your company. Smart bookkeeping is the best way to find detailed analysis of your income and expenditure as well as avoiding any problems with misplaced documentation. As people like George Bardwil, who are knowledgeable in business will tell you, bookkeeping is the key to a healthy relationship with the I.R.S. When it comes to taxes, the best Read more [...]

God’s Warrior Against All Kinds of Poverty

John Binkley Dallas, the founder of lower-middle market mergers and acquisitions company Generational Equity, actually prefers to be knows as a man of God whose mission is to spread Jesus’ Word to all the corners of the world. He has affirmed, “People should understand that poverty doesn’t just mean lack of finances. There is such a thing as spiritual and systemic poverty. And everyone without God is poor. Through serving Him and helping others overcome their spiritual thirst, people can overcome Read more [...]

Really Common Business Strategy Mistakes

It should come as no surprise to notice the fact that there are basically hundreds of books that are written about business strategy and thousands of online articles about the topic. Creating a very effective strategy is basically vital for the success of a company, be it small or large. If you want to create that perfect strategy, here are some of the common business strategy mistakes that aspiring business owners make, according to specialist Marty Hale. Competing With The Best And Thinking Read more [...]

The Importance Of Physical Activity For A Successful CEO Like Charles Phillips

There are many things that have to be said about the work that Charles Phillips has been doing for years now. We are faced with one of the most successful business managers in the world. He was always covered in the media about the actions that he took in business. This is quite normal. However, what was not really discussed is his life outside of work. You might say that Infor CEO Charles Phillips’ job was his mistress but he does do a lot more than what many believe.   In case you Read more [...]

How to Deal With Debt Collection Agencies

Finding yourself with unmanageable debt can be an incredibly difficult situation that puts pressure on all aspects of your life and has negative effects on you personally. Thankfully there are options available to you in order to pay off the debt that you owe but you must face up to the facts in order to do so. Avoiding your debts will not solve anything, in fact they will make it worse and you should work together with a debt collections company in order to pay back what you owe in manageable chunks. Debt Read more [...]

Charles Phillips and His Emergence as Infor CEO

Infor is a company that creates software applications, focusing specifically on the midmarket. Their CEO is Charles Phillips, who was previously President at Oracle. Oracle, meanwhile, is a direct competitor of Infor, which makes this an incredibly interesting situation. Under Charles Phillips Oracle made a number of fantastic advances. This was mainly due to the huge number of acquisitions he made in his time there. However, when he stepped down, it didn’t take long for Oracle to find a new Read more [...]

How Infor Solves Problems with Beautiful Software

IT needs to be customized. That is the current, modern trend, and what everybody is looking for. As a result, vendors of enterprise software (ERP) have fully accepted that the user should be right in the center of the design process of the software itself. There are numerous ERP producers out there, like SAP, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft,, and Infor. Each of these are investing heavily in, as they call it, ‘customerize’ their software. The only one who seems to have been able Read more [...]