Can The Entrepreneurial Spirit Have A Positive Effect On Politics?

The last few years have seen an inundation of negative stories in the press concerning the impact that business professionals have had on the American political process. Stories detailing the influx of “dark money” and other nefarious elements have tended to sour large segments of the public on the desirability of allowing industrial magnates and corporate figures their due say in political matters. However, as always, there is another side of the story, one that deserves its more than its fair share of attention.

Can Entrepreneurs Positively Influence The American Political Process?

Entrepreneurs, such as Robert Rosenkranz and many others, have had a great and positive impact on the American political process. Since the days of the founding fathers of our nation, corporate figures have helped to determine the destiny of our nation. Imagine the response to the British Colonial Stamp Act without figures such as Sam Adams and Benjamin Franklin to lead the way. Our present history may well have been very different, to say the least.

To this day, corporate philanthropists, Rosenkranz chief among them, continue to endow great charitable funds, as well as grassroots political initiatives, that weigh in with informed opinions on matters cultural, political, and economic. Without these great “think tanks”, the civic life of the United States would be much the poorer, and the public far less usefully informed.

The Rosenkranz Foundation And Its Contribution To Civic Discourse

Were you aware of the great contributions that corporate funded “think tanks” have made to the civic and political life of the United States over the past two centuries? Some historians even paint the original Sons of Liberty as an ad hoc political action group, although with an emphasis on “action” that today’s think tanks don’t feel the need to emulate.

In modern times, the Rosenkranz Foundation has done more than its share to stimulate and positively influence the course of American politics. This long running charitable foundation has been the motivating force behind such modern American think tanks as the Manhattan Institute and the American Enterprise Institute. These fascinating intellectual power houses have helped to shape and guide a rigorous atmosphere of pragmatic political thinking that has had a greater influence than may at first be suspected.

Why Is The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship So Vital To The Political Process?

If you have ever asked yourself the question, “Why is big business so intimately involved in the American political process?”, here are a few things that you might wish to consider. To begin with, it was the spirit of rugged individuality, best exemplified by the emerging free enterprise system, that first gave an adequate political expression to our American struggle for independence from the monarchy of Great Britain.

A huge component of our freedom is intimately bound up with economics in the spirit of free expression and free enterprise. It was, indeed, this democratic spirit of free enterprise that finally rose up to destroy the last vestiges of the colonial system during the Civil War, and it was also this great spirit that opposed socialism and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In the 21st century, the spirit of free enterprise is still guiding us in the fight to keep our liberty intact, and to set a shining example for the rest of the world to follow.

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