Business Communications – Is VoIP the Best Choice for my Business?

With the many technological advances made in VoIP over recent years, most small and medium sized businesses can gain considerable benefits from switching to VoIP for their business communications.

These are reliable and cost-effective telephone services which offer a high degree of customisation including call conferencing, music on hold, and call transfer, to name a few. You can tailor VoIP systems to suit your specific business communication needs.


Maybe you’re just starting up or your business may already be growing and need to accommodate more employees and homeworkers – in which case, you’ll almost definitely benefit from the increased flexibility and feature-rich telephone systems which VoIP can provide. Today’s VoIP is cloud based, free of maintenance hassles, and is easy and inexpensive to set up and start using.

Here are some of the main benefits offered by VoIP:

Cost reductions

If you’re a small or medium sized business owner, switching to VoIP can bring considerable cost reductions in terms of expenditure; both capital and operational. VoIP systems can be upgraded easily and quickly to accommodate future business growth so it’s an investment in the future of your business as well as the fact that your business will save on day to day calls immediately, both nationally and internationally.

Mobility and flexibility

VoIP business communication solutions provide an enhanced level of portability and flexibility as part of their infrastructure. Operating through the internet anywhere, or through a virtual private network (VPN), it really comes into its own with mobile staff and homeworkers as part of a business enterprise.

Employees can stay in contact anywhere through the internet or a VPN. With many systems offering between 500-800 extensions per account, which could be within the same office or located internationally, all enjoying free calls, there’s no reason for a small business to be limited anymore in terms of business communications.

No growing pains

Capital investment in small business enterprises must be used wisely, and produce both immediate benefits and longer term opportunities for growth. VoIP typically offers incredibly easy scalability and greater flexibility than conventional business communication systems, allowing your business to grow without the need for any major upheaval or large additional capital investment simply to upgrade your business communications infrastructure. And for the realists out there, it’s just as easy to scale down as it is to scale up – all part of the enhanced flexibility VoIP offers.

The seamless solution

VoIP offers seamless integration and expansion features that cause no disruption to your business communications, meaning that your business can continue to operate without interruption as it grows; maintaining essential communications between workers and customer and clients, and ensuring your business projects its professional image effectively and efficiently as it grows.

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