Barry Bulakites – How to Find The Best Tax Accountant For Your Personal Needs

How many times have you found yourself in this position, you spend the first 4 months of the year shoddily preparing your taxes before realizing at the last minute that you need some help and grabbing just about any tax accountant that you can find to help you finish the job, before vowing that next year you’ll get a tax accountant to handle it all? It is a common scenario and one which we see very often. Given that we are approaching January now is a perfect time to start looking for the right tax accountant for you. We spoke to Accounting Today contributor Barry Bulakites about how to go about getting the right accountant for you.


Where to Look?


Asking friends and family members may be a good way of finding a great tax accountant and if they have someone that has done a great job for them then consulting them would be a good idea. Failing this you should take a look online at local tax accountant services. To vet them online you should take a look at the reviews and see what they offer on their website. You must of course make sure that they are licensed to practice tax law in the United States and if you find someone of interest, set up a consultation with them.


What to Look For


Much like many things you will not really know how good a tax accountant is until you have started working with them. Something which you should be looking out for when you do start working with a tax accountant is how comfortable you feel speaking with them, and whether or not you feel as though they have your best interests at heart. Another red flag to watch out for is whether the tax accountant appears to be focussed on the perils of filing your taxes. It is perfectly legal for taxpayers to try and pay as little tax as possible but if an accountant is fearful of the taxman then they may not be working to your best interests.




The keys that you are looking for in a tax accountant is someone that is actually working in your best interests and someone who wants you to pay as little as possible, within the confines of the law. In order to make sure that your tax accountant is doing this for you a little research on your part can go a long way. IF you do this then you are going to be far less likely to be baffled with the science of filing taxes and it means that you will be entering into this with your eyes wide open. Ask a great many questions and where possible check online or with someone who understands finance, to ensure that the accountant is doing their best by you.

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