An Inside Look into Infor Global Solutions

Infor Global Solutions are a business-software provider that provides software and services for more than 70,000 global clients. Infor’s reputation is one of innovative and beautiful software suites that fits the needs of customers in a huge variety of sectors. Infor’s recent $675 million acquisition of Nexus GT, the World’s biggest provider of cloud computing software, indicates both their scale and their forward thinking approach. The last 5 years of Infor’s history has been one of re-invention and steady growth and whilst for many years the company has sat a distant third as the largest enterprise software supplier behind industry giants Oracle and SAP, the gap now has never been smaller.



The company started life as Agilisys, a small business company working out of Pennsylvania, in its first two years the company began a series of small company acquisitions before taking over German-based company Infor Business Solutions. Following this acquisition the company re-located to Atlanta and adopted the name Infor Global Solutions. For the next 6 years the company would continue it’s strategy of acquiring small and niche software companies, steadily building it’s portfolio and continuing to provide innovative software for business clients.

CEO Impact

In 2010 Infor obtained the services of Charles Phillips ,CEO of the company and a man with a huge reputation for success, Phillips was a highly sought after man who was at that time working as Co-President of Oracle, the World’s leading enterprise software company. During his time at Oracle, where he was described by the New York Times as their ‘secret weapon’ following the company’s record levels of growth during his tenure, Phillips, in his role as head of sales and acquisitions, played key roles in over 70 acquisitions for the company.

Phillips is an aggressive negotiator, a creative thinker with a shrewd management style and a complete grasp of his industry and its future was just what Infor needed to take them to the next level. In his first few months at the helm, Phillips engineered the buyout of Lawson Software for $2 billion, within the first 18 months he had added more than 1,500 staff, re-shuffled the executive management and oversaw the addition of more than 70 new products and 2,000 features as well as the addition of more than 2,500 new customers to Infor’s client base.

The Current Plan

Following the acquisition of Nexus GT this year, Infor have once again stated their intentions to push further into the market of cloud computing software. The company launched Infor CloudSuite during Charles Phillips’ keynote speech at the Amazon Web Services summit in 2014 following the acquisition of cloud-based provider PeopleAnswers.Inc and now with Nexus GT added to the company’s portfolio it appears that cloud computing is the future.

The level of industries that Infor provides services to is incredibly wide and they currently boast solutions for sectors such as aerospace and defense, retail, industrial manufacturing, hospitality, public sector, healthcare, food and beverage, distribution and they are adding more industries to their ever-growing portfolio. As it stands right now, based on how the company has been growing and where it is now heading, it is safe to say that the future for Infor and their CEO Charles Phillips is extremely bright.

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