5 CEOs who could transform ANY company

Their salaries are scrutinized and sometimes, this is completely vindicated. However, any CEO who is worth his salt can command whatever money he asks for.

As you’ll see through several of the examples we’re about to mull over through this page, a good CEO can be the difference between success and failure. Some companies have been on a hiding to nothing, before having a new CEO put in place and experiencing a transformation in fortunes.

So, who makes the grade? Here are five of our favorite CEOs in the world.


Jeff Bezos

This first name really shouldn’t come as a surprise – Bezos founded one of the world’s biggest brands in 1994 and has seen it take off since. It would be fair to say that Amazon.com are one of the world’s biggest internet success stories and after starting it in his garage, he’s seen it move from being a basic book e-commerce site – to one that dabbles in everything from groceries to online video streaming.

Bezos happened to be one of the very first people to invest in Google when it was founded – perhaps highlighting his natural business ability.

Charles Phillips

Due to the industry he operates in, Charles Phillips probably isn’t quite as well-known as Bezos but don’t let that detract away from his success.

Having been co-president of Oracle and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley – it’s safe to say that his CV is one of the most impressive around. Charles Phillips’ business affairs as CEO of Infor have really caught the attention of the world over the last few years and this company are now challenging the likes of Oracle and SAP in a massively competitive industry. They’re currently the third biggest player in the industry – don’t be surprised if this improves when we come to write an updated version of this article.

Michael O’Leary

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Michael O’Leary is another figure that simply has to be included on the list for his tremendous success with Ryanair.

In a similar vein to what we highlighted with Phillips previously, Ryanair operate in an industry which was once dominated by huge companies. He has managed to grow Ryanair into the leading airline in Europe – taking massive chunks of market share from the likes of British Airways.

Reed Hastings

Being the CEO of Netflix and being on the board of Facebook, it goes without saying that Reed Hastings is someone who knows a bit about business.

It could be said that Hastings career hasn’t always been blessed with success – in his first company he asked to be replaced as CEO as he didn’t think he could cope.

However, as time has progressed he is now regarded as one of the finest CEOs around. His management practices are unique and are seen as some of the most innovative in the world.

Howard Schultz

The final person on our list is the one who pretty much brought Starbucks to our streets. No, Howard Schultz didn’t form the coffee chain – but he has been there since the very early days and played a major role in their domination of world high streets.

Just like many others on our list, Schultz isn’t a one-trick-pony. He has been a board member of Square, whilst also being the former owner of the Seattle SuperSonics.

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