Month: October 2017

What Is the Difference between a Virtual Office and a Serviced Office?

  Image: These days, there are so many office options available that it can be hard to pick with any certainty. Thirty years ago, there was just one choice. Every business needed a long hold lease. If they didn’t have much cash, it could end up being on the outskirts of the city, far from the action. Now, however, entrepreneurs in the Philippines have a lot more freedom. There are virtual vendors Read more [...]

What is the Meaning of Cash Basis for the Self-Employed?

As a self-employed individual you often have the option to calculate your profits based on a cash basis. This differs from the regular accruals basis. If you own a business or are self-employed in the Glasgow area then it is a good idea to find out if the cash basis legislation will best suit you. Difference Between Accruals and Cash Basis In the accruals basis, credit sales are part of the accounts income even when the customer may not have completed the payment for the service or goods by Read more [...]

Advantages of Using CMS Software on Your Website

The importance to the modern business of having a good website cannot be understated. A content management system (CMS) can form the cornerstone of a complete revamp of your website to make it more user friendly and to increase its effectiveness in securing you new business, customers, and clients. Royalty Free Photo CMS software applications are sets of programs designed to help manage digital content on a website or as part of an enterprise system. The exact features on offer vary between Read more [...]