Month: August 2017

4 Key questions to ask before opting for a small business loan

Regardless of whether it’s a handful of extra cash to stay afloat during the mid-month financial crisis or it’s a big expansion, the biggest odds of operating a business is that you have to get a loan at some point of your life. It’s true that small businesses have ample financing options now than before but still navigating through the several types of loans that lenders offer can indeed make it a challenging experience for the borrower. Gone are those days when the bank was the only institution Read more [...]

The World’s Biggest Franchises

A franchise business model is key in order to allow companies to quickly scale their business and create a recognised brand name. Only a few stay successful in the long-term and create global brand name that will be recognised by all. McDonald’s, for example, employs over 375,000 people in a total of 36,853 units. These units are spread over 199 countries and generate an enormous revenue of $24,600,000,000. McDonald’s is easily one of the world’s biggest franchises, and there is no doubt that Read more [...]