Month: April 2017

The topic is road safety

Drive, Drive Drive Whether you’re an avid driver or you only climb behind the wheel every once in awhile, road safety should be at the front of your minds. We use our cars to get us from A to B and the majority of us take for granted being able to hop into our cars at a moment's notice. But how safe are we? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to staying safe on the roads from your car's condition (think tyre pressure, brake lights, oil levels) to the drivers personal health (have you Read more [...]

Human Appeal thanks politicians for their work to help tackle poverty and suffering

Human Appeal, international aid and development non-profit, has thanked politicians for their work to help tackle poverty and suffering. Chief executive officer of the non-profit Othman Moqbel said that all those from across the political spectrum who have worked with Human Appeal have a shared goal of wanting to make the world a better place. He added that the only difference between the parties is their preferred route for achieving this aim. Mr Moqbel also said that while cynicism towards politics Read more [...]

Importance of National Insurance in The Work Place

A lot of employees are reluctant to be a part of national insurance in the UK. Even there are a lot of employees, who consider it to be a useless deduction of money. But there are a lot of reasons; you should definitely apply for national insurance. A national insurance is a scheme, where you will have to apply for the scheme, if you become the employee of any organization. After application, a part of your salary will be deducted on a regular basis, and it will be added to the national insurance Read more [...]

How You can Properly Enhance Security in Your Office

The incidents of thefts, vandalisms, and break-ins in office spaces and other business premises are on the rise. This is a sad fact, but it’s all too true. If you have an office and would like to take the proper measures to keep it secure and free from unlawful elements, then you need to pay attention to certain aspects. Here’s how you can properly enhance security in your office space and protect not only your employees, but your assets as well. Carry out an assessment The first thing Read more [...]