Month: December 2016

Marketing methods for a niche industry

Owning a business in a niche industry can be satisfying but it comes with its own fair share of challenges. Key among these is how to market your products to the right audience in order to realize a profit. You need to come up with a marketing strategy that puts your products in front of the right customers at the right time. A niche market gives you more flexibility when it comes to the marketing methods you employ. You have more room to think outside the box and come up with a bespoke strategy Read more [...]

Make it stick | Why branding is important for your business

For many people who have small businesses, they make the all too common mistake of overlooking their branding. Why? Many businesses, when they are smaller, think of themselves as a business - and not as a brand. But - the truth is that every business is actually a brand as well, even if the business isn’t as big as Nike (yet). Small businesses often just stick to a logo and some business cards and leave the rest up to chance but the truth is that branding is so important. It works to develop Read more [...]

Three Internet Marketing Trends You Should Know About

In this contemporary era, online advertising is a dynamic, perpetually evolving sphere. As such, business owners who want to keep their organizations growing online must focus on accessing and implementing the latest and greatest marketing methodologies available. To ensure that you can, be sure that you review the following information to learn about internet marketing trends that can help your brand shine online:  1. New On-page SEO Strategies. In many cases, conversations about on-page SEO Read more [...]

What is Commercial Litigation?

Though the question of what is commercial litigation may not be a popular one, it is one that is asked from time to time. Generally speaking, those searching for the answer are either learning about the process for a class or they are individuals who might be finding themselves immersed in a case and needing legal advice and service. If you find yourself needing legal assistance, you’ll find that there are several practices that can help, such as Davis & Campbell. Their Of Counsel, Jonathan Read more [...]

Marc J Leder Hates Seeing Good Companies Fail

It happens again and again. A great company with loyal customers who loved its products and services is in danger of becoming bankrupt due to mismanagement or internal conflict. This breaks the heart of Marc J Leder, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Sun Capital Partners Inc., a global private equity firm. It is because of this very reason that he and partner Rodger Krouse now scour the globe to look for struggling companies with great potential. The two CEOs established Sun Capital Partners Inc. Read more [...]

Successful Buddhist Businessman Anura Leslie Perera

Perhaps Anura Perera Raycom simply has good karma from past lives. It certainly looks like he is living a very charmed life. Born in Colombo, the capital city of tropical island Sri Lanka, he first tried his hand in business in Zambia, working as an engineer and sales professional for Caterpillar Inc., the heavy equipment manufacturer, designer and distributor. He is currently the Chairman of Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd., a Singaporean based aerospace company which specializes in the manufacture of Read more [...]

Having A Secure Site Builds Your Digital Reputation

It is now a sad fact of life that everybody needs to be careful while online. Simply browsing the web or doing online shopping might increase one’s chances of exposure of catching some nasty virus, or worse, getting scammed. Indeed, truly horrible things have happened to undeserving victims, like having their identity stolen, their website defaced or purposely crashed by a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, or even their website frozen if some kind of ransom is not promptly paid. Sitelock Read more [...]

How to Become Successful With Your Business

It seems that everywhere you look there are new businesses being set up, everyday I see new websites, online start-ups and new shops on the high street almost daily. After the economic crisis of 2008, the business world saw many great business collapses, whilst this had a hugely negative impact on the world of business, it paved the way for many to succeed. From the ashes of the financial collapse, as ever with business, came the opportunity for many to create new business and take advantage of the Read more [...]

How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Being a great leader is not something that comes naturally to everyone, in fact very few people possess the natural ability to lead and the rest of us have to work hard on our skills to be a leader. Fortunately, most of the skills required to be a strong leader can be learned and practiced until it is right and if you want to be a great leader then now is the time to start working on improving your leadership abilities. There are many benefits to being a great leader, both professionally and personally, Read more [...]

Pros and Cons of Buying a Business

If you have plans to become a business owner, one option to consider is purchasing an existing business. This is a big decision, and as industry experts like Ryan Binkley Generational Equity will no doubt advise, there are important advantages and disadvantages which need to be carefully considered if you are thinking about buying business. Customers One the potential advantages of buying an already-established business is that the hard work to establish a customer base – ideally of repeat Read more [...]