Month: October 2016

Five essentials for a smooth-running business

Whether you’re in the process of starting your own business, or your existing business is growing steadily, you might be wondering what services are available for you to utilise to ensure your business operates as smoothly as possible. Here a five key areas to consider investing in that could help your business grow. 1. Seek advice from a business lawyer A business lawyer can give you the knowledge and expertise that you need to get started. You may not need to keep a lawyer on your books regularly, Read more [...]

Smashing The Stigma That Is Small Business

It can be daunting, heading into the world of business as a small business. It can be an even harder climb for women. The glass ceiling certainly exists, but it can be more unconscious than you think. People will take new entrants less seriously almost unconsciously. So you need to be able to quickly and effectively demonstrate that: yes, you are here to do business and you are serious about it. Here are three of the key strategies you need to employ to that effect. Link to Image Ooze professionalism Yes, Read more [...]

How to use Office Space Efficiently

Maintaining a clutter-free working environment is a high priority for the majority of businesses; especially for improving productivity and staff morale, but are you really taking advantage of all available space? Recent statistics indicate the majority of office buildings operate with a desk occupancy rate of just 45% and a meeting room occupancy rate of 60%, meaning you could be wasting more space than you thought. With this in mind, here are tips on how to transform the empty areas in your office: Read more [...]

Getting Started with YouTube as a Marketing Instrument

Internet marketing is now an inseparable part of every company’s marketing efforts. There are so many potential customers to reach online. There are also better ways to measure the impact of online marketing tactics, since everything is quantifiable. In recent years, a lot of online marketers and brands have made the switch to videos and video content. YouTube is definitely the platform to be on if you want to reach as many potential customers as you can. There are a few things to keep in mind Read more [...]

What is Required of You to Get into Law School

Many people growing up wanting to be a lawyer, perhaps it is the thrill of convincing people that you are right or the idea of proving people innocent when they have been accused of something. In reality becoming a lawyer is incredibly hard and those like Jonathan Bunge who have achieved it and gone on to great success like he has as one of the best lawyers in the whole of Chicago, have achieved such success through hard work and dedication. Before passing the bar and going on to be a lawyer however, Read more [...]

The Chinese economy – The biggest myths debunked

The pure size of China means that any effects on its economy are there for all to experience. However, the size of it can also mean that plenty of misconceptions can be formed - many of which don't have an ounce of truth. The importance of this for the US investor should not be understated. You only have to take a look at a business like Bardwil Industries, run by the respected George Bardwil, to see how important China is for imports and helping his business evolve. The fact that this has been Read more [...]

Restaurants – The bread-and-butter of private equity

First of all, let's excuse the awful food pun in the title of our article. However, joking aside, few would disagree that restaurants have become the core industry of a lot of private equity investors. One only has to take a look at some of the biggest PE-firms around to see this in action. Marc J Leder and his Sun Capital firm now own countless restaurant chains, with Strada being one of the most popular. In fact, history seems to dictate that as soon as a private equity firm dabbles in this industry, Read more [...]

Do you have what it takes to be a financial analyst

Are you getting towards the end of your time in college? If so, you are probably attempting to figure out which career to focus your job search efforts upon. Those that have an inclination towards business may want to consider becoming a financial analyst. Chase Rubin has enjoyed a great degree of success in this career, and you can as well. In this post, we will run down what this occupation is about, so you can figure out whether you have what it takes to be a financial analyst. What does a Read more [...]

How to improve the sellability of a company

If you've decided to offload your company, there are number of things you can do to improve its image in the eyes of potential suitors. By going through it department by department, there are many areas that you can improve that will increase the sales price that you end up receiving. Want to attract the attention of firms such as Generational Equity? If so, here are a few tips that you can use to improve the sellability of your company. 1) Go through every aspect of your business with a checklist There Read more [...]

Two Top Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

If you Google your company or personal name and come across lots of negative reports, it is time to bring in the experts for some serious reputation repair. If you can find these negative reports, so can your customers and that means they are less likely to come see you. There are times when the negative reviews are made up, or people may have a genuine complaint. Regardless, however, once something is online, t stays there. And the longer it stayed online, the harder it is to get rid of it. If the Read more [...]