Month: September 2016

Really Common Business Strategy Mistakes

It should come as no surprise to notice the fact that there are basically hundreds of books that are written about business strategy and thousands of online articles about the topic. Creating a very effective strategy is basically vital for the success of a company, be it small or large. If you want to create that perfect strategy, here are some of the common business strategy mistakes that aspiring business owners make, according to specialist Marty Hale. Competing With The Best And Thinking Read more [...]

The Importance Of Physical Activity For A Successful CEO Like Charles Phillips

There are many things that have to be said about the work that Charles Phillips has been doing for years now. We are faced with one of the most successful business managers in the world. He was always covered in the media about the actions that he took in business. This is quite normal. However, what was not really discussed is his life outside of work. You might say that Infor CEO Charles Phillips’ job was his mistress but he does do a lot more than what many believe.   In case you Read more [...]

Using Collaboration Software To Replace Email Communication

A business professional nowadays simply comes to the office and then checks emails. This is definitely the way everyone is used to doing things but social networks, collaborative tools and mobile devices are highly growing in popularity. We have to understand that communication did change. The smart business manager, like Charles Phillips, is always the one that adapts to what is changing. Email is no longer so popular because of the fact that there are better options. The collaboration software Read more [...]

How to Deal With Debt Collection Agencies

Finding yourself with unmanageable debt can be an incredibly difficult situation that puts pressure on all aspects of your life and has negative effects on you personally. Thankfully there are options available to you in order to pay off the debt that you owe but you must face up to the facts in order to do so. Avoiding your debts will not solve anything, in fact they will make it worse and you should work together with a debt collections company in order to pay back what you owe in manageable chunks. Debt Read more [...]