Month: August 2016

Charles Phillips and His Emergence as Infor CEO

Infor is a company that creates software applications, focusing specifically on the midmarket. Their CEO is Charles Phillips, who was previously President at Oracle. Oracle, meanwhile, is a direct competitor of Infor, which makes this an incredibly interesting situation. Under Charles Phillips Oracle made a number of fantastic advances. This was mainly due to the huge number of acquisitions he made in his time there. However, when he stepped down, it didn’t take long for Oracle to find a new Read more [...]

How Infor Solves Problems with Beautiful Software

IT needs to be customized. That is the current, modern trend, and what everybody is looking for. As a result, vendors of enterprise software (ERP) have fully accepted that the user should be right in the center of the design process of the software itself. There are numerous ERP producers out there, like SAP, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft,, and Infor. Each of these are investing heavily in, as they call it, ‘customerize’ their software. The only one who seems to have been able Read more [...]

How Americans Define Success

If you were to ask someone what they believe others feel success is, they will inevitably answer things like position, power, and wealth. If you ask them about what their personal definition of success is, however, their answers are very different indeed. And it does seem, indeed, that Americans no longer envy others for their success in terms of wealth, power, and position, but for their other achievements as well. For instance, Charles E Phillips Infor CEO is greatly respected for his professional Read more [...]

Frequently Asked Questions During Product Recalls

A product recall is a tricky time for any business. When a product is faulty in some way and needs to be recalled, this causes a lot of hassle, stress and expense for the business. It also puts customers in danger, as they may be putting themselves at risk by using products that could malfunction or injure them. During these situations, a lot of questions naturally come up about what is happening and how best to deal with it. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that come up during Read more [...]

Practical Steps to Follow When Buying a Used Container

Shipping and storage containers have been at the center of global commerce because of their usefulness in conveying goods from one point to another. Mostly transported by either land or ocean, shipping containers are usually built for durability and can withstand salinity, moisture, and immense weight. Used containers have in the recent past been repurposed by architects and builders into offices, homes, and stores. Whatever the reason you want to buy a used container, it is important you learn Read more [...]

Why Product Packaging is a Crucial Aspect in Marketing

Have you ever wondered what makes some brands popular as opposed to others yet the product itself is somewhat homogenous? Well, the secret may be in the packaging. Having a product well packaged, changes not only its appearance but also impacts on the psychology of the customer. Don’t get me wrong, the product and its performance are equally important and should be taken seriously but not at the expense of packaging. Ask yourself, how many customers or end users will go to the extent of finding Read more [...]

Are You Ready for Retirement? 6 Ways to Prepare at Any Age

Wrapping your head around retirement isn’t too hard. With a little bit of discipline and organization, you can set up the 15-minute retirement plan of your dreams—without actually setting any money aside. Of course, actually getting your finances, lifestyle and expectations in order for retirement takes more effort. Whether you’re beginning your retirement journey in your 20s or just getting around to planning in your 50s, you need to do these six crucial things now. 1. Make a Household Read more [...]