Month: May 2015

What A Business Needs, In Order To Flourish

So, your business is doing great? That’s wonderful. But do you really feel as though it has fully come into its own? There are some simple things you can implement to make your business flourish. Here are just some ideas to get you going. A Blog A blog can do so many things for your business, that it’s shocking if you don’t have one on your website. Not only can it drive traffic to your site (and potentially bring in conversions), but it can set you up as an industry expert; especially Read more [...]

Who Is Responsible for a Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall incident is an accident in which the person slips and falls on a liquid substance or an object. Such an incident can occur in a wide variety of places. The most common places that slip and fall incidents occur are department stores, restaurants and business offices. Thousands of people experience slip and fall incidents, and almost 1,000 people die from them each year. The ones who do not die sometimes have long-term injuries from which they suffer. Those people often wonder who is Read more [...]

Scottish Entrepreneurs Are Breaking New Ground In America

The recent rumblings of the independence movement in Scotland may have caught its other partners in the United Kingdom off guard, but many astute individuals in the world of commerce and business have long suspected that such things might ultimately come to pass. Even though the Scottish people have yet to declare their independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, they have already made an immortal name for themselves in the world of business in other countries, very much including the United Read more [...]

Hit the beauty industry –and make a profit

Business isn’t all about maddeningly expensive suits and swish entrepreneurial deals over caviar and cabernet sauvignon – lower down the food chain, on the high street, businesses are searching for the latest trends to entice the average Jo into parting with their cash. Indeed, this isn’t the rich getting richer, but the standard businessperson giving the public what they want. And at the moment, all roads to Eldorado point to the beauty industry. One of the few industries to remain unaffected Read more [...]