Month: February 2015

Can The Entrepreneurial Spirit Have A Positive Effect On Politics?

The last few years have seen an inundation of negative stories in the press concerning the impact that business professionals have had on the American political process. Stories detailing the influx of "dark money" and other nefarious elements have tended to sour large segments of the public on the desirability of allowing industrial magnates and corporate figures their due say in political matters. However, as always, there is another side of the story, one that deserves its more than its fair share Read more [...]

Fintechs – the next big thing?

The UK, most notably London has become Europe’s #1 location for successful start-up companies in the field of financial technology or ‘Fintech’ for short, accounting for over 50% of all European investment in that field. The fintech sector in the UK’s capital is actually having more money invested in it than any other place on the planet. I wanted to examine some of these companies which could completely change the way we view and store our money. This article from the Guardian discusses Read more [...]