Month: December 2014

Extra Steps You Can Take to Make a Patient Feel More Comfortable

Doctors and nurses pass on everything they have to their students - including their bad habits. Because they have the position of authority in a teaching hospital or clinical environment, their position on the medical chain of command is so stiff and formalized, so institutionalized and military. In crisis situations, as medical situations often are, people need to do what they are told to do. Sometimes, the patient gets caught in the middle of the press and stress. Explanation The cold Read more [...]

How to Go Above and Beyond for Your Company

Whether you’re vying for a big promotion or you simply want to stand out from the pack, it’s important to stay on top of your game at work. Maintaining a consistent habit of going above and beyond is a surefire way to position yourself for better opportunities down the road. If you feel like your work just isn’t getting noticed, try these tactics to go the extra mile. Keep Your Energy up All Day The trick to really excelling at work isn’t in staying late or working through Read more [...]