Month: January 2014

Does Google Have what it takes to beat Apple in a Popularity Contest?

The internet has changed the way that we communicate. That being said, the ways in which businesses market to their consumers have changed as well. Success now relies upon innovation. That which spreads across the cyber void quicker, that which responds quicker, that which provides the latest trends and Ink Technologies, is the most popular among the most common users. Google and Apple have been in somewhat of an innovation war as of late, denoting a growing war in popularity. Read more [...]

Reviews About Popular Binary Options Broker

When the world economies were reeling under recession and most of the people had to fend for themselves with alternative income sources, it was found that many people had turned to avenues of earning passive income as they were either laid off or were finding it hard to make ends meet. Under such circumstances, trading binary options had allowed many individuals to earn income from profits. These proceeds helped immensely in maintaining a household during those days. And the ones that have tapped Read more [...]